The Benefits and Impacts of B Corps

Hype is B-Corp Certified

Since 2006, B Lab has been enabling companies to improve their social and environmental impact with their standards and tools. They engage businesses who meet these standards and work towards an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy, certifying them as B Corps.


Why is this important?

B Labs’ philosophy is based on the belief that humanity is interdependent with one another and with the planet. They recognise that this is often forgotten and short-term gains are prioritized over long-term value, but that it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is another crucial step in changing the destructive and imposing systems that people, businesses, and economies of the past have put into place. The change the world needs to see is not only up to governments and policymakers. It is up to every business and person to make a conscious effort to improve all areas under their influence.


So far, the B Lab and the B Corp certification has positively impacted:

395,600 workers | 4,787 companies | 155 industries | 78 countries


Why are we involved?

Here at The Hype Project, we are incredibly passionate about creating a better world. We aim to create sustainable and ethical change by placing the planet before profit.

We are constantly working on projects and ideas that strive to make tomorrow better and donate 10% of our time to doing pro-bono work for not-for-profits and NGOs that are making a positive impact in the community and on the environment.

We care, and so should you!


How does this impact our clients?

By partnering with us, you are choosing to support a business that puts purpose above profit.

Not only do we want the best for our clients, but we want to give you the confidence that we have an ethical approach to business.

We won’t ever work with harmful industries or businesses, and what we charge goes directly back into doing good in the world.

Your support helps us make the planet a better place.

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