Our mission is to creatively tell stories that inspire and provoke action!

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Hello.. is it me you're looking for?

Yes, it is. The Hype Project is the full-service creative marketing agency you’ve been looking for and need.

We take your next campaign,  your beloved brand, or your business to the next level. It’s not just an elevator ride with some boring open-source music though! 

So go on. Live a little..

Enquire Now or keep scrolling to learn a little more about your future partner in crime, the team behind the dream, and how we help businesses achieve results based on their business goals.

We Discover

First, we uncover your story.

You are unique. You have something compelling to share. You have something that makes you special.

We’ll dig deep to find that human truth so we can create that emotional connection with your audience. Once we know what your ‘secret sauce’ is, we cook up the perfect campaign, brand, ad or video using that sauce to connect with your market. .

We Create


Once we arrive at the core of your message..

We’ll work with you to design a customised campaign to convey the value of your product. Your audience needs to connect with a product to want to buy it. Think about it. What’s the difference between all the bottled water on the shelves at the shops at the moment? Go on, tell us!

Marketing helps businesses tell their audience how your product or service works, what it feels like, and why they’ll want it in their lives.

We help your business market through a variety of mediums!

We specialise in..

We Shout

What good is a world-class design or piece of content if the world can't see it?

No good at all!That’s why we don’t just make content, hand it over, and wish you ‘good luck’. This isn’t Taken.

But our Digital Team do have a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over an 11-year long career in digital marketing. Skills that make our agency a nightmare for people who use words like “I think” instead of “I know”.

Our digital marketing plans and projects are based on fact and research-based strategies.

We Multiply

We are a full service agency for a reason.

We work with you to create a strategic plan for your success, based on your business goals.

We want to not only make awesome content for you and your business but also help you shout it from the club rooftops at 2am on a Saturday night (right as that slice of vegan pizza starts to hit just right). #celebrate 

Maximise Your Reach. Maximise Your Results. Maximise Your ROI.

Binnacle Training

We Believe

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Business is not only about financial gain.

Uhh.. no no no. Let’s table that, take a pause, and circle back shall we?

The days of businesses being only about financial gain are numbered.

The world doesn’t need more businesses driven by greed.
The Hype Project is about far, far more than money.

We have a higher purpose… we are always working on projects that matter.
Sometimes we shout about it, sometimes it’s in the background, but it’s always happening.

We are hell-bent on making a genuine, original and valuable contribution to the world via effective storytelling.

Our mission is to tell stories that inspire and provoke action!

Pledge 1% allows companies to donate 1% of their revenue, profit, equity (shares), or time to social causes and not for profits. We chose time.