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The Glebe Charleston
The Glebe Charleston
Andrew Fechner
We Connect

Finally! We found each other. We are the full service agency you’ve been looking for to take your next campaign, your brand, or your business to a new level.

We are the perfect intersection of creative perfection and results focus.

Our mission is to help you make a genuine, original and valuable contribution to the world via effective storytelling. Scroll down to learn a little more about your future partner in crime.

We Discover

First, we have to uncover your story.

You are unique, you have something compelling to share, something that makes you special. Something that makes you better than the rest.

We’ll dig deep to find that human truth so we can create that emotional connection with your audience. Once we know what your ‘special sauce’ is, we’ll cook up the perfect campaign, brand, ad or video using that ‘special sauce’ to connect with your market. .

We Create

Once we arrive at the core of your message, we’ll work with you to design a customised campaign to convey the value of your product so your audience can understand how it works, what it feels like, and why they’ll want it in their lives.

We do this through a variety of mediums, most commonly…

We Shout

What good is a world-class logo, brand, ad or piece of content if the world doesn’t see it?

No good at all!

That’s why we don’t just make content, hand it over and wish you luck. No way!

We are a full-service agency for a reason.

We want to not only make awesome content for you, but also help you shout it from the rooftops, spread it far and wide, maximise reach, and most importantly maximise results.

We Multiply
Binnacle Training
Ipswich Grammar School
We Believe

“These guys are really sharp operators. experienced, talented, creative, and most importantly, tell a phenomenal story! “

Picture of Designer

The days of businesses being only about financial gain are numbered. The world doesn’t need more businesses driven by greed.

Hype is about far, far more than money.

We have a higher purpose… we are always working on projects that matter. Sometimes we shout about it, sometimes it’s in the background, but it’s always happening.

We are hell-bent on making a genuine, original and valuable contribution to the world via effective storytelling.

Hype is about setting trends, not following them.

Our values are to always be our word, always be better, imagine, aim for the moon, challenge everything and above all else – transparency.